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Fishkill Products

Fishkill Quarry & Asphalt Plant Products

For information and pricing, contact Sales at (914) 762-3415 x2436.

Thalle Industries Standard Products — Our specialty is custom mixes

(% by weight passing the following sieve sizes)

Thalle Industries Aggregate Products

(meet all NYSDOT specifications)

1.5″ Aggregate

For drainage pads, concrete, asphalt, decoration, driveways, backfill

3/4″ Aggregate

For septic systems, drainage, concrete, asphalt, driveways, landscaping, backfill and paths.

3/8″ Aggregate

For landscaping, concrete, asphalt, paths, roofing, underdrain filtration systems and driveways.

1/4″ Aggregate

For drainage, concrete, asphalt, driveways, landscaping, backfill and paths.

Ice Control Sand

Dry Classified, not wet washed. Doesn’t freeze up. Goes through sander easily, doesn’t adhere to machinery. Spreads evenly so you get more spread and more value. Angular Particles don’t roll like round sand particles which creates better traction and stays on the road longer.

Manufactured Sand

Dry screened for less moisture. Angular particles create better traction. Used in concrete blocks, pavers and asphalt.

Thalle Industries Stone Fill Products

Heavy Stone Fill

Medium Stone Fill

Light Stone Fill

Fine Stone Fill